Friday, 16 June 2017

Waitakere College - developing confidence by actively involved learning

Waitakere College has a proud school vision that promotes "Developing confident connected actively involved lifelong learners".  This development includes families from their community.

With the help of the Computer in Homes program, Waitakere College graduated 8 families over 2 months.  During the 20 hours of basic computer training, one of the highlights seemingly came from new found friendships.  Classmates began fine tuning their emailing skills learnt in class.  Once armed with freshly created Gmail addresses, classmates began emailing each even after class had ended for the night.

At the end of the 20-hour course, bread was broken and celebrations were filled with hugs, smiles and confidence.  One of our lovely families kindly brought in trays of mussels for all to enjoy.  

Special thanks should be given to Liam Keegan.  Liam, a Waitakere teacher, saw the need to help fulfill the school's vision of creating active learners.  Staying late after his normal school day, Liam took the class and enjoyed sharing his computing knowledge with our newly graduated Computer in Homes Families.

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